SanArtWork, have to the great honor to invite you to the international artistic and cultural event: INTERNATIONAL ART & HOLIDAYS WORKSHOP, MAY 26–JUNE 2, that will take place in AYVALIK Arrival: 25/05/2016 (Ayvalık) Departure: 02/06/2016 Your participation and the representation of your country will give great pleasure and honor to the organization and all participants.
Yakın Doğu Üniversitesi KKTC ( 17.11.2014 )
Yakın Doğu Üniversitesi 1.Uluslararası Sanat Çalıştayı

11-18 Kasım 2014  KKKTC
Beşiktaş Belediyesi İSTANBUL ( 21.09.2014 )
Beşiktaş Belediyesi 1.Uluslararası Sanat Günleri

21-28 Eylül 2014 İSTANBUL
Dalaman Belediyesi MUĞLA ( 15.06.2014 )
Dalaman Belediyesi 1. Uluslararası Sanat Günleri

5 - 15 Haziran 2014 DALAMAN
Özyeğin Üniversitesi İSTANBUL ( 17.04.2014 )
Özyeğin Üniversitesi 1.Uluslararası Sanat Günleri

8-17 Nisan 2014 İSTANBUL
Harran Üniversitesi URFA ( 10.03.2014 )
1st International Art Days of Harran University



 Subject: Uprooted People

Migration, forced emigration is as old as human history. Deprivation is the main motive for migrations. People renounce their lands because of deprivals of main needs and goods.

People rushed out to Europa and America lands after Industrial Revolution, but today more people on move for their needs.
Civilians who lost their rights to life and lives under aggression of war are vulnerable.
Powerful governments, war lords and industrial oligarchs are sponsors to war conditions who suspends people’s main rights.
World is confronted to a big migration wave.
After the experiences 19th and 20th centuries migrations, todays migration case concerns millions of people.
It is human's job to get rid of this situation which is created by capital, power hungry leaders and governments.
In this context intellectuals and a especially artists have a big responsibility.
Artist will spark a dynamism of resistance and awareness for powerless ordinary peoples.
It is only way to show the truth to everybody that watch, learn and believe everything just from media.
The tragedies of uprooted people can be just imagined by the others. 

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